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10 places to visit during Christmas break in the UK


Alnwick, known as the “Windsor of the North”, is a town with a rich history. Popular because of the Alnwick Castle, the city hosts the very popular Alnwick Garden Christmas Market. Along with doing some shopping, visitors can also enjoy live music and singing. This year, the Alnwick Garden Christmas Market will remain open on the following dates:

19th, 20th, 26th and 27th November

3rd, 4th, 10th, 11th, 17th, 18th, 19th, 20th, 21st and 22nd December https://alnwickgarden.com/?events=christmas-market


A visit to Oxford is good throughout the year, but it is even more exciting during Christmas. The honey coloured buildings of Oxford exude such a warm glow during this time that it is a must watch. The Christmas Light Festival is held at Oxford from 25th to 27th of November. Events include a procession with Lanterns! http://www.oxfordschristmas.com/


Canterbury is one of the most popular travel destinations in the UK. Along with its proud heritage, the city is also famous because of the Canterbury Cathedral. Like many other cities in the UK, Canterbury also hosts its very own Christmas Market. Along with the market, the Marlowe Theatre will show “Snow White and the Seven Dwards” throughout December. http://www.canterbury.co.uk/events/Christmas-Events.aspx


Cirencester used to be the biggest city in the UK a long time ago. Now it is famous for its century-old buildings and also for the St John Baptist Church.



Just like Canterbury, Portstewart is also a popular holiday destination. It is the perfect town for enjoying a gentle sea breeze and for lazing around on beaches with golden sand The Portstewart Strand is famous for offering magnificent views of the north coast of Northern Ireland.



Birmingham is known for hosting the biggest German themed market (outside of Germany) in the world. The last time this market was held, it had attracted as many as 5.5 million visitors. The market is divided into a Crafts Market and the Birmingham Frankfurt Christmas Market. Along with shopping for handmade candles and soaps, visitors can enjoy skating on an ice rink. This year, the market is being held from 17th November to 29th December. http://www.germanchristmasmarketbirmingham.com/


The Glasgow Christmas Market is known for the variety of cuisine it offers to its visitors. Held at George Square and St Enoch Square, the market is perfect for finding a Christmas gift or for spreading some cheer.

This year the Glasgow Christmas Market will remain open on the following dates:

10th November to 22nd December – St Enoch Square

26th November to 29th December – George Square




The Manchester Christmas Market is undoubtedly the biggest of its kind in the UK. Held every year since 1999, the market attracts 9 million visitors every year! Along with the market, there is also street theatre and magicians. Visitors can choose from over 300 stalls spread across ten location to shop from.

10 November to 21st December – Albert Square



Even though Bournemouth is mostly known as a summer destination, it is a great place for getting away during Christmas as well. The city comes to life during this time and gets draped beautifully with fairy lights. The beaches remain open for walks and then there are the famous hills.



Hay, as it is locally known, is a small market town located near the Brecon Beacons National Park. The town is a book lover’s paradise and is known for its 40+ book stalls. The best thing to do in this town is to read books and visit the “Hay Deli” located

at Lion Street. The shop is known for stocking a vast range of food items and household goods. http://www.hay-on-wye.co.uk/info/hay-on-wye.htm



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