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#SameS**tDifferentShades: Exclusive trailer of Shai Hussain’s ‘Three Shades of Brown’

From the multitude of pretenders to those weighed down or moved by all manner of social and cultural conventions, the British Asian community is resplendent in a variety of personalities and attitudes.

Whilst numerous TV shows, films and comedy skits have shed light on individual stereotypes and eccentricities, scarce few have celebrated the sheer vibrancy that underpins the community.

'Three Shades of Brown' may well be the answer.

The new web comedy series is the brainchild of writer, producer, director and DJ Shai Hussain, the man behind a string of acclaimed radio plays including BBC Radio 4's 'Til Jihad Do Us Part', making his first foray into the brave new world of internet TV.

The story follows best friends Harry and Ravi who move to London - the former through necessity the latter due to his rather unfortunate romantic circumstances - where they settle in a flat owned by Nas. 

The three men come with their own unique personality traits - one's a "Rude Boy", one a "Freshie" and the third a "Coconut" - and plenty of baggage. 

Cue plenty of outrageously funny personality clashes between a South Asian man trying to be a Jamaican, a new migrant trying to fit in and the brown man who thinks he's a white man.

The series stars an impressive line-up of up and coming British Asian talent, including the freakishly tall Muzz Khan, who helped develop the unforgettable 'Four Lions', 'Cloud 9' star Omar Khan and Navinder Bhatti playing the three central characters.

The supporting cast includes comedian Tez Ilyas and Poonam Joshi, the Managing Editor of this website.

Have a look at the trailer here:

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