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#Action: BBC Asian Network staff to strike over further cuts

Staff at the BBC Asian Network are to hold a one-day strike next week over proposed staff cuts, according to reports.

The National Union of Journalists revealed today that the action will take place on 19 August in protest at plans to cut two of the Network’s editorial positions in Birmingham and move the Bobby Friction programme to London.

One Asian Network staff member told the Guardian that staff were angry at the BBC “picking on the Asian Network”.

“After axing half the staff in 2012 and halving its budget, we were promised the network would not be asked to make any more cuts”, the staffer said.

“The loss of an editor’s post will increase workload and exacerbate the problems of communication between editors and staff which already exist.”

The BBC has moved a host of programmes out of its “Mailbox” production facility in Birmingham in recent years, with some production moving to London and others to the corporation’s new facility in Manchester.

Keith Murray, BBC representative for the National Union of Journalists, said: “They have ripped the heart out of the Mailbox.  The Asian Network was cut in half three years ago and we were told that was all the savings needed and then they come back and say they are moving the Bobby Friction show.

“They don’t need to do this.”

The strike action followed a short silent protest which took place at the Asian Network earlier today.

The BBC has made no official comment.



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