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#Ambitions: Indians in Britain more likely to hold top jobs than any other minority

British Indians are more likely to secure the best jobs in medicine, law and other top professions than any other ethnic group in the UK, government figures have revealed.

More than 15 percent of British Indians held positions as doctors, lawyers as well as higher managerial and administrative positions, according to the latest census figures.

The statistics, drawn from the 2011 census, also reveal that people from ethnic minority backgrounds are likely to be in top professional jobs than their white counterparts – 10.3 percent against 9.8 percent.

The former chairman of Britain’s Equality and Human Rights Commission, Trevor Phillips, said the statistics told a “good story about modern Britain…and that diversity is actually adding to our stock of talent”.

People of Chinese origin came in second overall behind British Indians in holding higher-managerial and professional positions.

However, the statistics did not paint such a good picture for other South Asian communities, with just 6.6 percent of all Pakistanis and just over 4 percent of Bangladeshis in top professional jobs.

Mr Phillips revealed the figures in the Sunday Times.

The survey is part of the Demos Integration Hub (DIH), a website aimed at providing an insight into the levels of integration in modern Britain.

Whilst ethnic minority workers are well-integrated in many areas of British life, other sectors remain worrying under-represented.

According to DIH:

–    41 percent of doctors come from ethnic minority backgrounds
–    One third of City workers are from ethnic minorities
–    Just 6.4 percent of the top 20 jobs in FTSE 100 companies are held by non-whites
–    More than a fifth of all solicitors are non-white although only 11 percent of barristers and just 5.3 percent of Queen’s Counsel’s are non-white
–    9.6 percent of civil service jobs are held by non-whites but only 5 percent of senior positions are held by ethnic minority workers
–    7.1 percent of the armed forces are made up of servicemen and women from ethnic minority backgrounds
–    Nearly half of Bangladeshi men in Britain worked in restaurants
–    A fourth of all Pakistani-men were taxi drivers

In relation to integration and segregation:

–    The regions with the greatest segregation between ethnic minorities and the indigenous community was seen in Oldham, Bradford and Blackburn
–    Cambridge and the West Sussex town of Adur have the least amount of segregation between communities



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