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Anish Kapoor to do ‘Gangnam Style’ for Free Speech

British-Asian sculptor and artist Anish Kapoor is to create his own version of the Gangnam Style video as a means of promoting free speech.

The video is reportedly in support of a similar one made by dissident Chinese artist Ai Weiwei, recently seen doing a rather ungainly imitation of South Korean pop star Psy’s infectious routine.

Weiwei’s version however had a serious message; he was seen waving a pair of handcuffs in condemnation of his arrest and detention without charge last year by the Chinese government.

Access to it online in China was quickly blocked by the Chinese authorities but the video has had more than 1.5 million views on YouTube in the past two weeks.

Kapoor – whose most recent project was designing the Arcelor Mittal ‘Orbit’ next to the Olympic Park in East London – will gather other artists, actors and dancers for his version. 

He told The Times that the freedom to make art was “by no means taken for granted by all residents of this planet”.

The 58 year-old added that many public figures would take part in the new video. “It’s extraordinary, the support we’ve had,” he said. “Even people who can’t be here are sending footage of themselves doing the dance.”

He also revealed that the video would be “bonkers” and feature participants behaving like “idiots”.

The original Gangnam Style video has become a cultural phenomenon since its release earlier this year. 

The video has had 720 million views on YouTube and has been recognized by Psy’s fellow countryman and UN Secretary General Ban Ki-Moon as a ‘force for world peace’.



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