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BAPS promotes spirit of sportsmanship through ‘Kidz Ultimate Challenge’


With the Olympics just three weeks away BAPS – one of the world’s largest civic organizations – this week successfully staged a massive sports day for children to celebrate the spirit of sportsmanship.

Nearly a thousand children from across the UK gathered at London’s Allianz Park – home of the Saracens – for the Kidz Ultimate Challenge, the highlight of a year-long multi-faceted child development programme.


The event was organised by the BAPS Children’s Forum with the aim of encouraging sporting awareness and enthusing the children ahead of the Olympic Games in Brazil.

The team of organisers had been gearing up for the event for several months, which saw the children compete in various events, including track races, the long jump and high jump, an obstacle course, and netball and football penalty shootouts.


Kiran Patel, one of the lead volunteers for the event, explained, “We wanted the children to take an active interest in sport in a fun way. It’s really rewarding to see how encouraged they are to keep fit and healthy as well as work in teams for a common goal.”

Over 200 prizes were awarded to individuals and teams across the country. Gold-medal winner Vihaan Bankley, aged 14, said, “I didn’t think I could win, but I remembered the motivation and positive words that the mentors and volunteers had given me. I’m delighted to win.”



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