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#Blasphemous: Pakistan parliament resolution condemns latest Charlie Hebdo cover

Pakistan’s parliament today passed a resolution condemning as “blasphemous” the publication of a cartoon of the Prophet Mohammad by the French Satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo.

The resolution also slammed western media for reprinting the cartoon which appeared in the latest edition of the magazine, a week after Islamist gunmen massacred 12 people at Charlie Hebdo’s offices in Paris.

The image features a picture of the Prophet holding a sign saying ‘Je Suis Charlie’, the Twitter hashtag that was created in the aftermath of the attack to show solidarity to the victims.

“This house strongly condemns [the] printing and reprinting of the blasphemous caricatures…and also takes serious note of the continued trend of their reproduction in numerous other newspapers and magazines of other Western capitals,” the resolution stated.

“This house genuinely believes that freedom of expression should not be misused as a means to attack or hurt public sentiments and religious beliefs,” it added.

The resolution came as hundreds took to the street in the northern Pakistani city of Lahore protesting against Charlie Hebdo and calling for the magazine’s cartoonist’s to be hanged.

The rally was organized by a little-known religious group and featured banners reading “Down with Charlie Hebdo” and “Charlie Hebdo be Damned”.

On Tuesday in Peshawar, a hard-line cleric led a memorial service for the brothers Said and Cherif Kouachi who attacked the satirical paper and praised their assault.

About 40 people attended

The Pakistan government has condemned last week’s killings in Paris.  However, many Muslims in the country and elsewhere as well as non-Muslims have called Charlie Hebdo’s latest cover as a “provocation”.

Islam forbids any depictions of the Prophet Muhammed.

The latest issue of Charlie Hebdo, which has a long history of lampooning religious figures such as the Prophet and the Pope, went on sale in France on Wednesday night with more than 5 million copies printed, nearly one hundred times its usual print run.



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