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#BlueSky: Babas and Saris – Conservative Friends of India unveil campaign song

Conservative Friends of India unveil campaign song David Cameron British Asian News

Indians are world-renowned for making a song-and-dance about everything and here’s the pudding that is the proof.

On the eve of the launch of the Conservative’s Black and Ethnic Minority (BME) manifesto, the Conservative Friends of India (CFI) group have unveiled a general election campaign song/music video titled ‘Neela Hai Aasma’ (Blue Sky) to the main man in blue – David Cameron.

Written by a member of the CFI and featuring vocals by crooner Navin Kundra, the song promises that Mr Cameron will “fulfil your dreams” and urges voters to allow Mr Cameron to finish the job that he started – presumably a reference to the British economy.

The video itself features a montage of images of Mr Cameron and wife Samantha as the couple schmoozed their way through the community.  Apart from the obligatory pics of the PM in hard hat and high-viz jackets, there are some unintentionally funny images of Mr Cameron with a number of spiritual gurus – both alive and not-so-alive; Mr Cameron on numerous temple visits, book launches and religious ceremonies; Mr Cameron making chappatis; Mr Cameron looking solemn and, of course, promotional headlines from Tory newspapers.

However, the star of the video is Samantha Cameron who appears several times utterly resplendent in a collection of classy saris – as the chorus belts out lugubriously, ‘David Cameron’…’David Cameron’…




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