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#BonAppetit: Man sits citizenship exam on behalf of someone else. Man EATS fake passport after being confronted.

A British-Pakistani emergency services call handler attempted to eat a fake Pakistani passport after he was caught trying to take a British citizenship test on behalf of someone else.

Wasim Husain admitted he was paid £300 to sit the exam and has been jailed for eight months.

West Midlands-born Husain, 26, had been working as a 999 emergency link officer at the time of the incident. 

Derby Crown Court heard that Husain had begun eating the passport after staff at the examination centre, also in Derby, told him that the passport was a fake. 

Sarah Slater, prosecuting, told the Court: “The member of staff told the defendant she believed the passport was false and that he would not be sitting the citizenship test.

“He became very angry and grabbed the passport from the desk then tried to leave but the door was locked and he began to kick it.

“He then began ripping at the passport, pulling off the front page and started to eat the passport.”

The police were called and Husain, who worked for West Midlands Ambulance Service, was arrested.

Miss Slater said that, in interview, he told officers a customer from his weekend job at a mobile phone shop in Birmingham, who claimed to be called Zafar Mahmood, had told Husain he would pay him £300 to sit the citizenship test on his behalf.

Husain pleaded guilty to possession of false identification with improper intention.

Husain’s lawyer, Mohammed Sarwar, said his client’s wife was pregnant with twins and that he was the “sole carer” for both parents.

He said: “This offence took place at a time when he was struggling financially.”

Judge Martin Jackson QC however, was unmoved.

Sentencing Husain, the judge said: “The possession of a bona fide British passport gives people the right to certain privileges and those who falsely try to obtain one are undermining the whole system of immigration control.”



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