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#BREAKING: Indian woman nabbed in anti-terror raid charged with ATTEMPTED MURDER of her mother

An Indian woman from East London who was arrested in an anti-terror raid has been charged with the attempted murder of her mother.

Kuntal Patel, 36, a Barclays bank worker was arrested on Sunday in a swoop of a property in Stratford by counter terrorism officers of the Metropolitan Police.

Ms Patel was reportedly questioned for four days at a police station in East London and has now been charged with attempting to murder her 54-year-old mother Meena Patel, a London magistrate, sometime between December 10 2013 and January 26, according to the Daily Mail.

Patel was arrested at the £450,000 detached property she shared with her mother and sister Poonam, a pharmacist. 

Local councillor Ron Manley, who has known the Patels for more than 20 years, told reporters on Wednesday that they were an “upstanding family”.

Mr Manley told the Daily Telegraph: “Meena is a magistrate and used to work for a local authority, Kuntal works in the City and her younger daughter Poonam is a pharmacist.”

“They are a Hindu family and I’ve known the two girls since they were at primary school. They have always been very polite, very nice girls.”

According to reports, Mrs Meena Patel has been a magistrate at Thames Magistrates court in East London for five years. 

Various reports said that the Patel’s property was searched by police looking for “toxic substances”.

Several officers were seen entering the property wearing bio-hazard suits whilst the Patel’s’ backyard was lit up on Wednesday night with spotlights as police continued to search the property.

Kuntal was arrested as part of a wider counter-terrorism operation during which the son of a senior Foreign Office diplomat was also arrested.



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