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#BreakingBoundaries: A cover of ‘Happy’ by India’s first trangender band is cool as ****!


India’s first ever transgender music group have launched their new album and the first single is arguably the best cover of Pharrell Williams’ ‘Happy’ EVER!

‘6-Pack Band’ has received backing not only by Bollywood playback singer Sonu Nigam but Y Films, the “youth” subsidiary of the legendary Yash Raj Films studio.

Speaking at the album launch on Thursday, Nigam said: “We are taking one step at a time.  There are total six songs.  I felt very happy singing with them. They were singing my songs all the time, they have a very good vibe. I really enjoyed their innocence and child-like energy.”

6-Pack Band comprises six transgenders singing original songs, including a catchy version of ‘Happy’ which is accompanied by a fabulous music video.

Nigam says he felt pained to see transgenders being stereotyped in society.

“When I was a child, I used to think what if I was born in a planet where people like me were in minority and others were majority…What would happen to me, my family because of that.  It used to sadden me very much, that is there no way we can’t give them a respectable job, proper business.  Why can’t it happen that we see them at normal places.

“Why do we see them on the streets, at marriage.  Till when this will go on. It used to pain me a lot”, Nigam added.

The band has been curated by music-director Shamir Tandon, who said they chose the popular Happy song to launch the band as English songs have a wider reach.

“The idea was to transcend boundaries, so we thought instead of doing a Hindi song lets do an English one.  They are always happy despite the fact that people abhor them, disrespect them.  Happy, we hope, will be heard by everybody in the world.”

The video begins with a voice-over by actress Anushka Sharma.

Have a look:



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