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British-Bangladeshi teen beaten, forced to “lick toilet bowl”, killed by her own family.

A British-Bangladeshi teen was beaten to death by her own family after undergoing years of abuse when she was forced to lick the toilet bowl and eat her own faeces, a court in has been told.

Shahena Uddin, 19, from Watford, was found dead in a bathroom at the family home by ambulance staff on the morning of 11 October 2014.

She had choked on her own vomit.

Shahena was one of eight siblings and was punished by for myriad crimes such as “eating at the wrong pace”, St Albans Crown Court was told.

The abuse reportedly began in 2010 when Shahena’s oldest brother Suhail Uddin, 35 and his wife Salma Begum, 32, became her legal guardians.

The pair have now been charged with causing the death of a vulnerable adult.

Shahena was initially meted out punishments such as beign force-fed paper before the abuse escalated and she was banned from using the toilet at the family home in Watford, beaten and forced to lick the toilet bowl clean.

The court heard how, when she was found by police, she had endured beatings with sticks and that both sides of her head had been repeatedly hit.

Ambulance staff, who were called to the house by the family, were told she was sick and fainted.

Investigators later found Shahena’s blood-stained clothes in a bin bag.  Shahena’s sisters reportedly told investigators that the girls of the family had been routinely abused and punished but Shahena had been singled out for ill-treatment.

Shahena’s brothers Tohel, 24, Jewell, 27, and Jhuhal, 33, and Jhuhal’s wife deny causing or allowing the death of a vulnerable adult.

All seven family members are also accused of conspiracy to pervert the course of justice, according to Watford Observer.

Prosecutor Simon Trimmer QC said: “Shahena was a vulnerable young person.  She suffered abuse and violence at the hands of her own family.  The regime of brutality and extreme violence was so deeply embedded and feared, that she could not risk the results of any form of complaint to the outside world.

“This was a troubled family unit held together by internal discipline of an extreme variety.  She had been beaten with weapons during the previous 24 hours.”

The trial continues.



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