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British diplomats in India told to learn ‘Hinglish’

British diplomats in India have been told they will need to learn ‘Hinglish’, the Hindi and English hybrid language that is spreading rapidly in the sub-continent.

Staff at British missions have been told by the Foreign Office to learn the language to ensure they remain in the loop in maintaining business relationships.

Hinglish is made up by the ‘free mixing’ of Hindi and English words and sentence structures or even within a single sentence.

A Foreign Office spokesman said: “English news channels often have a portion where people choose to express themselves in Hindi because it captures what they’re trying to say better than the English equivalent, so it’s increasingly important for British diplomats to be able to appreciate the nuances.”

The first mixing of Hindi and English occurred during the colonial period and has since matured and is spreading across India, spurred on by access to the internet and a pelthora of 24-hour news channels.



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