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#Catharsis: Jay Sean returns to his roots

Jay Sean

“I couldn’t stomach writing yet another generic pop song anymore”.

With those words, Britain’s most successful R ‘n B artist and arguably the bigger ever British Asian artist Jay Sean cut ties with the music behemoth that is Cash Money Records.

It’s been a cathartic process for the Brent-born 35-year-old whose new project, ‘The Mistress II’, has been warmly received by critics. 

The official website where fans could download the mixtape for free, crashed briefly on Tuesday after being inundated with downloads. 

A quick listen-through of the album shows why.

Sean’s first independent release since 2011’s much celebrated The Mistress, The Mistress II is a return to the smooth, R’N’B slow jams that made him an international household name.

Hot off the back of last month’s exclusive Billboard release of the video for ‘Tears in the Ocean, The Mistress II’s lead single, this week sees the release of the video for the second single ‘All I Want’ a sultry, bass driven, R’N’B ballad.

For Sean, The Mistress II was a labour of love: “The Mistress II is something I’ve been working on for a long time. It was a labour of love. I wrote and recorded so many songs, but it’s definitely not a collection of 4 minute, forgettable dancefloor tunes. I wanted it to be a solid body of work for all my fans out there who loved and supported me when I was just breaking through. The songs are more in line with that classic, soulful R’N’B sound that I started out with. I approached The Mistress II thinking about what kind of music my fans want to hear from me, what kind of music I want make.”

Have a listen:





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