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#Celebration: A Mela on Loop – DJ Nihal and Sony Music team up for The Asian Collection

Music giant Sony has teamed up with the BBC’s DJ Nihal for a new compilation album featuring some of the biggest names in the Asian music scene, in a first for a major record label.

The ‘Asian Collection’ features more than 50 tracks, carefully chosen by Nihal who’s been at the heart of Britain’s Asian music scene for the best part of two decades and has long been a champion of Asian artists.

“I wanted the album to showcase the diverse sounds that have emerged from both the UK and the subcontinent. 

“The album features some great classics that everyone will recognise, no matter what their ethnic heritage, combined with some big Bollywood tunes that are guaranteed floor fillers and family favourites.  Plus of course the very best of British Asian music which doesn’t belong to just one genre – we have UK-made traditional Bhangra inspired by folk music from the Punjab region of India, urban tracks, and good old commercial pop”, Nihal says.

Eclectic is, in fact, a great way of describing ‘The Asian Collection’.

From the classically-trained Anoushka Shankar to contemporary legends such as A R Rahman and Nitin Sawhney; from the reggae-inspired Apache Indian to true-blue Punjabi artists such as Diljit Dosanjh and Honey Singh, the album features a mind-numbing array of musical treats for fans of all ages and musical inclinations.

The Asian Collection is the first time a major label has brought together so many iconic Asian artists and styles together.

The 3-CD album is also a tribute to the phenomenon that is the ‘Mela’, the mini-festivals where the British Asian community come together to enjoy fun, food and above all, music.

“The album is actually like your own private version of a Mela, with an eclectic mix of sounds from the subcontinent”, Nihal continues.

When you go to a Mela you’ll hear Bollywood from one area, Bhangra and Asian R&B blaring from the main stage, classical music from one of the cultural tents and everything in between.”



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