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#Charged: Acclaimed co-director of ‘Peepli Live’ arrested for raping American student

The acclaimed Indian filmmaker and writer Mahood Farooqui has been arrested by police in Delhi after he was accused of raping an American student.

Police officials say Farooqui was arrested and charged last week over the incident, which took place at his home in southeast Delhi on 28 March.

The victim, a PhD student from Columbia University in New York, had been visiting India on a research trip.  

According to her statement, she had been introduced to Farooqui by a fellow student.  Farooqui had subsequently offered to help her with her research and invited her to his home.

She claims that when she reached his home, Farooqui was inebriated and began making advances on her before forcing himself on her.

She also claimed that FArooqui later apologized for his actions via email.

On Monday, Farooqui’s wife Anusha Rizvi dismissed the claims as “manipulative and false”.

Oxford-educated Farooqui is best known as the co-director of Aamir Khan’s critically praised ‘Peepli Live’ and a researcher for William Dalrymple’s book ‘The White Mughals’.



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