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#Charmer: UKIP councillor investigated after calling Leicester a “S**thole” full of “P***s”

A UKIP activist is facing a party inquiry after his home town of Leicester was a “shit-hole” full of “Pakis”.

Richard Crouch, Secretary for the South Leicestershire branch of the UK Independence Party, posted the message along with a string of other racist posts on his Facebook page.

The full message reads: “It may be Britain’s biggest shithole, we may be full of pakis, but you can’t help supporting where you come from, come on leicester, premiership bound”.

Leicester is home to a large South Asian community and Crouch, who works for the family recovery firm, has previously described immigrants from the sub-continent as ‘The Taliban’ and Romanians as “pick-pocketing criminals”.

His ire is not only directed at immigrants but “left-wingers” and anyone claiming benefits.

The news comes just days after a video emerged of a UKIP councillor from Kent saying that she “doesn’t like negroes” and couldn’t explain why.

Councillor Rozanne Duncan was later sacked but has since said she has “no regrets”.

Mr Crouch however appeared slightly more remorseful, telling the Daily Mail that his Facebook account had been “hacked” and insisting that he was “absolutely disgusted” with the language used. 

UKIP said its National Executive Committee would be investigating.

Here are some more of Mr Crouch’s vitriol, from his allegedly hacked Facebook account, via Hope Not Hate.



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