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#Chilling: Is Islamic State planning an attack in India on Republic Day?


A statue of Mahatma Gandhi near the Rajasthani city of Jaipur has been found defaced with a warning of a possible attack by Islamic State on India’s Republic Day tomorrow, 26 January.

Locals in the Dudu locality alerted police after seeing “ISIS Zindabad” scrawled on the statue on Monday morning.

According to local reports, the incident has caused “panic” among locals.

A local police official confirmed that another message threatened “devastation” on 26 January.

The graffiti and its warning of an imminent attack come as widespread celebrations are predicted throughout India to celebrate Republic Day on Tuesday.

Security has been heightened across India ahead of Republic Day celebrations on Tuesday which come just two weeks after Pakistani militants stormed an Air Force base in the Punjab town of Pathankot, near the Pakistan border, killing 14 people and injuring 20 more.

On Friday intelligence officials revealed that they had detected communications between Islamic State commanders in Syria and a group of Indian Islamists about carrying out an attack on Republic Day.

On Sunday a car with military number plates was stolen in the capital New Delhi raising concerns that it could be used by potential terrorists to gain access to otherwise restricted locations.



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