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#Collusion: Indian government funded Pakistan’s MQM and trained “MQM Militants” – Report

India has dismissed claims that government funds were given to Pakistan’s Muttahida Quami Movement (MQM).

The BBC quoted a Pakistani official as saying that India had also trained hundreds of “MQM militants” over the past decade. 

The MQM is one of Pakistan’s leading political parties and is controlled by its founder Altaf Hussein who lives in self-imposed exile in London.

According to the BBC, the revelations about Indian funding were first made in 2011 when MQM officials in London were questioned by the Metropolitan Police during an investigation into money laundering by the party. 

Indian authorities have dismissed the claims as “completely baseless” while the MQM has refused to comment.

The Met police investigation into money laundering was sparked during a separate investigation into the murder of Imran Farooq, a long-standing member of MQM, outside his home in north London.

During the murder investigation, police recovered more than half a million pounds at MQM’s offices in Edgware as well as inside the home of Altaf Hussain nearby.

A senior police official from Karachi, where MQM wields considerable power, also recently claimed that two MQM workers arrested by police had revealed they received training from India’s Research and Analysis Wing (RAW) intelligence service.

Meanwhile, British investigators have also found itemized lists of weaponry believed to be held by MQM.

The party has been the subject of investigations in Britain and Pakistan over its use of violence, particularly in Karachi.

One British judge adjudicating an asylum case in London found that the MQM had killed more than 200 police officers who have stood up against them in Karachi, the BBC reports.

A raid by Pakistani security forces on MQM’s Karachi headquarters also found cache of weapons.

The MQM says it is a peaceful and secular party and enjoys widespread support, particularly among Pakistan’s Mohajirs – people who were forced to flee India during Partition.

Responding to the claims of Indian funding and training of the MQM, the Indian mission in London told the BBC: “Shortcomings of governance cannot be rationalised by blaming neighbours.”



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