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#Damages: Reham Khan sued for $1 MILLION by first husband Ijaz Rehman.


Former BBC weather girl Reham Khan has been on something of a publicity blitz in Britain over the past few weeks, telling her side of the story following the acrimonious collapse of her 10-month marriage for Pakistani cricket legend Imran Khan.

But it appears that her troubles are far from over.

Reham has reportedly now received a $1 million legal notice from her first husband, British Pakistani psychiatrist Dr Ijaz Rehman, for allegedly “damaging” his reputation.

Soon after her marriage to Imran in January, 43-year-old Reham – who has three children from her marriage to Dr Rehman – claimed that she had been the victim of domestic abuse at the hands of her first husband who she said had “abandoned” her and their children.

“I have earned my freedom” she declared to a British newspaper as criticism of her mounted in Pakistan.

Her allegations sparked a furious response from Dr Rehman who responded by saying that Reham had used him “like toilet paper to clean up her image” after she found herself under attack from “traditionalists” in Pakistan.

In legal papers seen by the Tribune newspaper, London-based Dr Rehman, who married Reham in 1992, states that his ex-wife’s media interviews resulted in an economic loss to him as he lost his employment as a direct consequence.

Further, he said he had been forced to answer questions of his relatives, colleagues and other people because of her statements against him.

In addition to $1 million in damages, Dr Rehman also demands a written and unconditional apology as well as “clarifications” in the media in lieu of the “mental strain, agony, discomfort, insult, anxiety, inconvenience and damage” to his reputation.

Dr Rehman and Reham were married for 15 years before parting ways in 2006.

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                                                               Dr Ijaz Rehman.

The glamorous Reham then revealed late in 2014 that she was set to marry Imran Khan.

Since the breakdown of that marriage, Reham has described the experience as “painful” and “disturbing”.

She told the Sunday Times last month that a “conspiracy” was hatched against her in Pakistan during the divorce and she was accused of being physically violent against Khan, attempting to “poison” him and was even alleged that she was a spy for Britain’s foreign intelligence service.

She said the marriage was an example of “here is a woman, let’s demonize her, vilify her and burn her at the stake”.

She claimed that members of Imran’s political party the Pakistan Movement for Justice (PTI) had made it clear at the outset that they had “issues” with her taking up any sort of political work.

“I was specifically told by a senior party adviser they basically wanted me to be in the kitchen, to be cooking chapatis and not to be ever seen again” she claimed.

When she was made an ambassador for street children in Peshawar, she was accused of trying to “ride his coat-tails”.

“There wasn’t any involvement, I never attended meetings or anything of the sort, but obviously there was insecurity,” she added.

Reham explained at length the various issues she faced on the domestic front during what she calls her “9-month ordeal”.

She said that Imran had proposed unexpectedly after a few meetings but things began going downhill almost immediately.

Reham, who has three children from her first marriage, claims that Imran’s sisters were of the view that she was “not good enough” for him while her brother thought Imran wasn’t “religious enough” for her.

As for her personal equation with Imran?  The charismatic, Oxford-educated Imran was rather dull, according to Ms Khan.

“I tried to talk to him, I’m very talkative and I’m very chatty but, you know, you can’t exactly with Imran Khan. You can’t discuss the colour of the curtains, you can only talk politics. You cannot exactly discuss Bollywood films with him. God knows I tried.”  He’s not very romantic. He never gave me anything, not even a wedding band” she said.

She also bemoaned her husband’s “sloppiness” when it came to clothes, describing his closet at his sprawling farmhouse near Islamabad as “moth-eaten” and in a “dreadful” state.

“I’m the sort of person who panics if my family is not looking right”, she said, adding that she had to buy Imran a new wardrobe and introduce things like “deodorants, and shampoos”.

She also claimed that Imran, who has said he is devoted to his two sons Sulaiman and Isa from his first marriage to British socialite Jemima Goldsmith, was not keen on her children.

“They would never come out… would never go to the kitchen,” she said.

But while Imran was “indifferent”, his dogs were less so, Reham claims.

“My whole day revolved around his dogs. His dog was in love with me”, she said.

In the weeks before their divorce, Reham claims she found “things emerging in the house.”  She claims that Imran’s servants began telling her to not touch certain things.



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