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Datawind launches much-improved ‘Aakash 2’ tablet PC

UK-based Datawind has launched the latest version of the Aakash tablet, a much-improved version of the world’s cheapest tablet PC. 

Formerly unveiled by Indian President Pranab Mukherjee on Monday, the Aakash 2 will be sold to students at a state-subsidized price as low as Rs 1,130 (approx £13).

The device was designed and developed by Datawind in collaboration with the Indian Institute of Technology under the aegis of the Ministry of Human Resources & Development. 

The Android-based ‘Aakash’ was part of the government’s plan to link 25,000 colleges and some 400 universities in an e-learning program.

The first version however, was beset by problems, including low memory and an inability to install free software available online.

Aakash 2 runs on Android’s Ice Cream Sandwich platform and comes equipped with a 7-inch capacitive touch screen display, 512MB of Ram and 4GB of internal storage, expandable up to 32 GB with a microSD card.

While Aakash 2 is meant for the student community, the commercial version of the tablet, branded ‘UbiSlate’, is available at Rs 4,499 (approx £53) on DataWind’s website.



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