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#Deity: Narendra Modi ‘Appalled’ at Gujarat temple dedicated to him

Indian Prime Minister today expressed his shock after a group of followers built a temple to him in the city of Rajkot in Mr Modi’s home state of Gujarat.

Mr Modi, the former Chief Minister of Gujarat and who enjoys God-like status in the state, said the temple went against Indian culture and traditions.

“I was appalled,” Modi said.

“This is shocking and against India’s great traditions. Building such temples is not what our culture teaches us.”

According to reports, the elaborately crafted temple features a statue of Mr Modi and was built using funds donated by hundreds of Mr Modi’s followers in Rajkot. 

Mr Modi’s reaction has unnerved some of those in the project, who plan to replace the statue of the prime minister with the idol of a Hindu god.

Others however, have brushed aside the Prime Minister’s comments.

“We love Modi and worship him because he is the finest leader we have ever had,” said Paresh Rawal, an edible oil trader who donated the land for the temple.

Mr Modi won a landslide victory last May to become PM, having overseen the dramatic transformation of the Gujarat economy.



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