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#Depraved: Care worker who filmed herself sexually assaulting patients jailed for ten years.

A “depraved” Punjabi-origin care worker has been jailed for a decade after she was found guilty of sexually assaulting patients in her care – one of them 101 years old.

Christina Sethi, from Devon, filmed herself assaulting three vulnerable patients at a care home in the town of Torquay before sending the footage to her boyfriend, a court was told.

Sethi, 25, reportedly told police that she was “besotted” with her 32-year-old boyfriend and that the footage would be “sexually gratifying” for him.

The assaults took place between January 2014 and May 2015.

The court was told that among Sethi’s victims were two women and one male patient who were “degraded and humiliated”.

One of the victims suffered from dementia while another had Alzheimers.

Sethi was employed at the care home as a night care assistant with shifts between 10 pm and 6.30 am.

The abuse came to light when some of the videos Sethi made were found on a second-hand computer a man had bought.

The court also heard that in once instance, a patient was abused three times in one night by Sethi.  Police said the victim “knew something wrong was taking place” as Sethi filmed herself penetrating her victim, but was unable to complain. 

Sethi’s boyfriend has also been arrested on suspicion of conspiracy to commit sexual assault but has since been released without charge. 



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