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Detox with Pan-Asian delights at Tamarai

 Monday 31st January proved the perfect day – for those looking to recover after a weekend, or entire month, of partying – as celebrated Indian Chef Manish Mehrotra launched his special ‘Detox’ menu at the newly refurbished Tamarai in Covent Garden.  Whilst its sister establishment ‘Sitaaray’ was entertaining guests next door with its’ delicious, eat-until-you-drop Kebab bonanza, Tamarai chose to entertain journalists, critics and gourmands with a far subtler and intricately put-together menu featuring Mehrotra’s unique take on authentic Pan-Asian cuisine.

Chef Manish, returning to London after having served some of India’s richest tycoons at the World Economic Forum in Davos, conjured up a veritable smorgasbord of delicate delights which, while proving a filling supper, also ensured some relief for party-battered constitutions.

Some of the gastronomic highlights included a refreshing salad of Celery and Carrot tempered with Chettinad Spices and bathed in Almond Milk Yogurt; that was followed up by Steamed Shredded Tofu, Herb Ginseng Broth, a perfectly poached Fish Dumpling and a Goji Berry Confit.  Dessert consisted of a Flame Roasted Banana with Palm Sugar and Five Spice Glaze; incredibly flavourful yet light enough for those keeping a close eye on their waistlines.

The newly renovated Tamarai – a surprisingly cavernous space located deep under bustling Covent Garden – provides a classy contrast to the light and dainty detox menu which is available from 1st February to 15th March.  With its’ velvet chairs, mood lighting and dark wood panelling, Tamarai is a lounge cum club cum restaurant cum perfect-after-hours-haunt; a definite break from the garish offerings that have become the norm.

The club/restaurant has built up a popular following for its’ Pan Asian cuisine inspired by such varied styles as Chettinadi, Thai, Malay and Vietnamese cooking.  However, the real beauty of Tamarai is that it combines fantastic food with the ideal setting for cocktails and socializing.

Dinner service begins 5.30 pm with Manish Mehrotra’s Pan-Asian menu combining with Charles Metcalfe’s selection of award winning wines.  Post 11.30 pm, the lights dim as the bar and music holds sway.

For more information, visit www.tamarai.co.uk



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