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#Domineering: Pakistani man jailed for stabbing wife because she wanted to learn English

A Pakistani man from Rochdale has been sentenced to 14 years in prison for stabbing his wife 15 times because she wanted to learn English.

Nazakat Ali, 30, stabbed his wife Shahzana Kausar following an argument over her wish to enrol at a college to study English in preparation to take up work.

Manchester Crown Court heard that Ali had “flown into a rage” before grabbing a knife and attacking Ms Kausar in front of his mother on September 29 last year.
Shahzana, 30, was flown to hospital where surgeons worked frantically to save her life.  She had suffered a severed artery as well as stab wounds to her neck, collarbone, abdomen and ribs.

She told the court that she has contemplated taking her own life as a result of the attack.

The couple had known each other since childhood before tying the knot in Pakistan in 2005.  They moved to the UK in 2008. 

Prosecutor Mark Kellet told the court that Ali had begun shouting and assaulting his wife after she returned from a visit to the local job centre.

Ms Kausar had then tried to walk to her sister’s house nearby before Ali convinced her to return home. 

Mr Kellet told jurors that Ali had become further enraged after Ms Kausar warned him that she would contact the police if he behaved aggressively towards her.

“He became angry and punched her, knocking her to the floor. He picked up a knife from a kitchen drawer and repeatedly stabbed her”, Mr Kellet said.

Ali had history of violence, the court was told.  He had been convicted in 2009 for his part in a robbery during which he and an accomplice forced their way into a family home before tying up and threatening a 40-year-old woman and her baby with a screwdriver.

Sentencing Ali, Judge David Stockdale QC said that Ali had not been able to “tolerate” Ms Kausar’s “wish for a degree of independence”.

“Your desire to dominate and control her, it seems to me, lies at the heart of the dreadful events which were to follow.  The attack was sustained and repeated.  There was extensive life-threatening internal injuries”, Mr Stockdale said.

He added: “You are, in my judgement, a dangerous man.  I am unhesitatingly of the opinion there is a significant risk of serious harm from future offences committed by you.”



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