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#ElectionCrisis: Apache Indian appeals to voters to ‘Make The Right Choice’ with new tune

The countdown has begun to what is set to be the most fractious general election in living memory and everyone’s got an opinion.

The latest is British Asian reggae star Apache Indian.

The Birmingham-born icon (real name Steven Kapur) has penned a new tune, appropriately-titled ‘Election Crisis’, appealing to voters to make the right choice. 

He may be best known for the 90’s anthem ‘Boom Shak-A-Lak’ but Apache is also known for raising awareness on issues such as Arranged Marriage, Alcohol and substance abuse and the caste system through his music. 

Politics, it appears, also goes right to his heart.

“’Election Crisis’ wasn’t easy to write but I felt it was important to write a song about the elections to raise the issues that need to be raised.  People are either confused about who to vote for or just not bothered about politics in general”, the singer says.

The socially-conscious singer raises a whole host of issues that appear to be rooted in his beloved hometown of Handsworth, Birmingham – from the rise of right-wing parties like UKIP, the housing crisis and the worrying increase in the number of food kitchens – issues that are at the heart of problems in the community in Handsworth.

In 2013 Apache set up the Apache Indian Music Academy in the city’s Soho Road to help young people with music and life skills.  The academy is free for those seeking help and is one of the fastest growing community outreach centres in the area.

Part of the proceeds from ‘Election Crisis’ will go towards funding projects at the Academy.

Have a listen to the single and ensure you make the right choice!




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