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Cameron hails ‘Tremendous’ contribution of Sikhs on Vaisakhi


Prime Minister David Cameron has hailed the “immense contribution” made by Britain’s Sikh community in a message celebrating the festival of Vaisakhi.

“British Sikhs have enriched our country for over 160 years”, the Prime Minister said.

“Whether it is in the fields of enterprise or business, education, public service or civil society Britain’s Sikhs are a success story and model community.  And I see this contribution every day, all around”, he added.

Whilst Downing Street is known to issue messages marking wider Hindu celebrations such as Diwali, it is rare for the PM to allude to a specific community.

“This sort of message from David Cameron would have been unheard of a few years ago”, the Sikh Federation (UK) said in a statement.

As the inevitability of a hung parliament looms large, the ethnic minority vote is seen as crucial for both Labour and the Conservatives – doubtless focusing the minds of Britain’s political leaders.

Here’s the full message.




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