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#EXPECTATIONS: Reality TV star Deana Uppal loses Big Brother libel suit

British Indian reality star Deana Uppal has lost her court battle for damages after she was called a “Piece of Sh*t” by a contestant inside the 2012 Big Brother house.

The 25-year-old actress and beauty queen from Walsall, Birmingham was repeatedly bullied during her time inside the Big Brother house leading to hundreds of complaints from viewers of the Channel 5 show.

Uppal – who is currently appearing as a contestant on Khatron Ke Khiladi on Colors TV – was also referred to as an “Indian Takeaway” by another contestant during the show which Uppal later called the “the worst days of my life”.

She sued housemate Conor McIntyre – the eventual winner of the program – and production company Endemol UK and Channel 5 for libel.

But High Court judge Mr Justice Dingemans ruled the taunts aimed at Ms Uppal – a former Miss India UK – were not defamatory.

The judge however, did criticize Mr McIntyre for his “vile abuse” after he abused Ms Uppal for using an epilator on the dining table and leaving behind her leg hairs.

He shouted: “Get your epilator and stick it up your ****. We don’t give a ****! Stick it, stupid b*****d. I’m gonna play loads of pranks on her. ****ing piece of sh*t. I don’t give a **** if I’m pulled up to the Diary Room.”

The tirade led to producers denouncing his behaviour.  Hundreds of viewers also took to social media networks to condemn the rapper.

Later, another contestant alluded to an “Indian Takeaway” during a conversation with Ms Uppal, a comment which Deana said made her “feel socially inferior”.

After exiting the house, Deana told the Birmingham Mail: “The programme-makers were supposed to support and protect me but I don’t feel that happened.

“I did say a few times in the diary room that I wanted to leave. But I thought I’d worked so hard to get to this stage, that I would try and battle through it.

“It was tough, but I’ve been through a lot over the years, after losing my dad and growing up with just me and my mum.

“I’ve had so much support from people on the outside. I wanted to show people I’m not stuck up. I worried that everyone hated me outside the house, but they didn’t.

“My lowest point was in the first three weeks. A lot of the housemates decided at the beginning that they didn’t like me. I just couldn’t understand why.”



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