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#FacePalm: A group of Indian-American Trump supporters have gone and done this.


Indian-Americans are widely considered the most educated and successful migrant community in the United States but, it appears, that some may just be more educated than others.

One group of Indian Americans have launched a campaign in support of the xenophobic, misogynistic and rabble-rousing Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump, branding themselves “Hindus for Trump”.

The group, using the hashtag #HindusforTrump, have expressed support for the business tycoon-turned-politician’s policies on the economy as well as illegal immigration.

One tweet states: “Liberal legal migrant supports Trump: He’s socially liberal, fiscally conservative & illegal immigration is unfair.”

The group, which thus far has 72 Twitter followers and have attracted some 300 Facebook  ‘Likes’, also appear to have latched on to Trump’s repeated attacks on China – mostly over trade – as implying that he “respects” India.

“India Today: Trump recognizes achievements of India, mutual respect!”, one Tweet says.

Another compares Trump to Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi – two men, the group claims, are similar because they are against the “liberal media political correctness”.

In the ultimate expression of their admiration for Trump, the group on Wednesday unveiled a poster depicting Trump seated in a yoga pose sitting on a lotus throne – a la Hindu deities Brahma and Vishnu.

In January, a group of Indian-Americans formed a political action committee (PAC) to support Trump called Indian-Americans for Trump 2016, which has been registered with the federal election commission to raise support and funds.

In a statement the PAC said that they were inspired by the realization that Trump presented an opportunity to “revive the American economy, bring America on to the world stage and defeating terrorism”.

That despite the fact that the United States is enjoying an economic revival, the friendship between President Obama and Narendra Modi has become a symbol for an ever-more globalized world, closer ties between the US and countries such as Iran and Cuba and the killing of Osama bin Laden.



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