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#FacePalm: Dear Bhupendra Chaubey, Aamir Khan WILL work with Sunny Leone.


Aamir Khan’s never been too active on Twitter but the superstar actor found it necessary on Wednesday to come out in support Sunny Leone who’s been winning widespread kudos for her dignity under fire after coming under attack from a CNN-IBN journalist.

Leone has been trending on Twitter in India with thousands of people – including a plethora of Bollywood stars from Rishi Kapoor to Vidya Balan – praising her for her graceful and utterly dignified handling of the interview by veteran journalist Bhupendra Chaubey who’s been slammed for his “misogynistic” and “regressive” questioning of the Indian-Canadian porn-star turned actress.

During the interview, Chaubey suggests that “a superstar like Aamir Khan” would never work with Leone because of her “past” whilst repeatedly trying to elicit a statement from the actress expressing “regret” for her work in the adult entertainment industry.

Chaubey asks: “You want to work with Aamir, but Aamir doesn’t want to work with you. How does that reflect on you?”

Ever the consummate professional, Leone calmly retorts: “I will still be a fan of Aamir Khan. I will still watch all his movies.

On Wednesday, Aamir joined the chorus of support for Leone, pledging that he would be “happy to work with you”.

That message followed an earlier tweet in which Khan said: “I think Sunny conducted herself wid a lot of grace & dignity.  I wish I cud have said the same abt the interviewer”.



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