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#FacePalm: Desi Rascals is Car Crash Television

Despite inducing mild nausea during the first episode of ‘Desi Rascals’, Thanu Khurien give Gurinder Chadha’s reality TV show about the ‘British Asian’ community a second chance.  Alas…

It’s official.

Having decided to give Desi Rascals a chance, I have now deleted the series link from my Sky box.

We bravely sat through three further episodes but frankly I would rather stick needles in my eyes!

Despite a much-publicized cameo by Amitabh Bachchan the series is proving seriously dull.

Amitabh looked really uncomfortable and was almost mauled by Jyoti Trivedi.  I guess he was desperate for any PR around his new movie.

If Owais is single and ready to mingle, his antics on Desi Rascals is doing him no favours. 

And do you in real life know of guys who get fitted out with new clothes every time they go out partying?  Besides, most of the time they are just hanging out at the gym so when do they work and earn the money to actually go out? 

Just to be sure that I wasn’t the odd one out.

I got feedback from friends and numerous British Asians I met at social events. 

The common thread in everyone’s reaction has been “it’s a bit rubbish”.

Many have said that it was not an accurate depiction of British Asian society at all – not even in London.

Another gripe is that it is all too staged and scripted.

Take Manoj as an example.  One of my friends said no one’s parents would ever pimp their children out like that! 

It was so undignified and cringe worthy!

Final verdict – it didn’t connect with a vast majority of Asian viewers.  It’s car crash TV. 

You can’t watch it and you can’t stop watching it.

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