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#FootInMouth: BuzzFeed India editor causes outrage after ‘Ugly’ Indians tweet

Once upon a time in South Asia, a cricket win meant who could spend the most on firecrackers.

However, in the age of Twitter and Facebook, victory – especially if it involves India and Pakistan – means who could come up with the best missive.

As India celebrated their team’s crushing of Pakistan in the Cricket World Cup, one young journalist from India found the hard way the importance of choosing your words wisely in the digital age.

Rega Jha, the 23-year-old India editor of BuzzFeed, caused outrage on Sunday after tweeting that, despite her team’s win, Pakistan would have the upper hand given that Pakistanis are “hotter” than “ugly” Indians.

Jha tweeted: “It’s so sad that no matter who wins, Pakistanis will continue to be way hotter than us and we’ll continue to be their ugly neighbours.”

The ill-advised message, unsurprisingly, attracted the wrath of Jha’s fellow Twitter users.

It was re-tweeted thousands of times with the more generous calling it “offensive” whilst a number of Twitter users offered to provide Jha with a one-way ticket to Pakistan.

Others got personal, placing the ‘ugly’ tag on Jha.

As the vitriol against her continued to pour in, Jha promptly retracted her statement, declaing “all Indians are beautiful, inside and out”.



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