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#Fusion: Shruthi UK launches Britain’s first Carnatic Choir

Fusions of eastern and western sensibilities are becoming increasingly de-rigueur and the latest is one that fuses Carnatic music with choral arrangements.

Britain’s first Carnatic Choir was launched in Birmingham earlier this month and promises a whole new experience for lovers of one of the most popular forms of music associated with south India.

The choir is the brainchild of Dr Chithra Ramakrishnan, one of the country’s finest Carnatic vocalists and Artistic Director of Shruthi UK, the Solihull-based South Asian arts and culture organisation.

It aims to create and explore choral singing in South Indian classical music in the UK.

The choir’s key focus will be children and young adults with a passion to connect through music – idenfitying children and youth of all abilities and from all walks of life who share a common passion to create a British Carnatic Community, one which reflects multi-cultural Britain.

It aims to complement Prime Minister David Cameron’s British Values in an attempt to encourage all citizens to respect each other’s ways of life and to celebrate good work, through the sounds, words and pictures of the British Carnatic Choir.



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