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#GBBO: How did the Daily Mail get offended by the Great British Bake Off??!!

It appears that the Daily Mail has outdone even itself.

A columnist for the shouty right-wing rag has managed to fit racism, sexism and homophobia into a 100-word comment piece over the BBC’s Great British Bake Off.

Australian journalist Amanda Platell suggested in the column that the three finalists on the hit BBC show have been chosen on the basis of “political correctness” rather than talent.

Platell was outraged that Flora Shedden was booted out of the final four.

The column reads: “Poor Flora wasn’t PC enough for Beeb.  When this series of The Great British Bake Off began, the BBC was proud it was the most inclusive, multi-cultural line-up ever.

“Now we’re down to the final three, it’s certainly a PC triumph.  We are left with Muslim mum Nadiya Hussain, gay doctor Tamal Ray, and New Man Ian Cumming.  Poor Flora Shedden never stood a chance. She was far too middle class — and was booted off this week after her chocolate carousel was deemed sub-standard. 

As a final piece of ludicrousness that was outrageous even by the Daily Mail’s standards, Platell said: “Perhaps if she’d (Flora) made a chocolate mosque, she’d have stood a better chance.”

Incidentally, for those of you who don’t know, a “New Man” is one who rejects conventional gender attitudes – i.e. men who like to bake, for instance. 

Hussain – an Indian origin anaesthetist from Manchester who publicly announced that he was gay last week – and British-Bangladeshi Hussain have regularly featured among the most popular contestants on the show.  Prime Minister David Cameron this week said he was backing Nadiya to win this year.

The Daily Telegraph, often not too far behind the Daily Mail in its political inclinations, even ran an editorial this week celebrating Ms Hussain for being a standard-bearer for British Muslims.

Ms Platells comments however attracted plenty of criticism on Twitter on Monday.

Twitter user @AlanLewis05 however, summed up the general feeling thus:

Editor:”We need a piece on GBBO”

Platell: “I don’t know much about cooking”

Editor: “No worries just do some racism & homophobia”.



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