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#GRUESOME: Decomposing body of British tourist found outside South Delhi shop

Authorities in Delhi have launched a murder investigation after the body of a British tourist was found decomposing and wrapped in a plastic bag near a shop in the Indian capital.

Police have named the man as Rodick Andrew Reymond, 40.

According to one official, Mr Reymond appeared to have been tortured before he was killed.  His remains were found in Bhogal neighbourhood of South Delhi after locals raised the alarm complaining of a foul smell on Monday.

A police spokesman said: “We originally thought that it was somebody possibly from Africa, because the body had been in the plastic bags for some days and the skin had turned black.

“But we then found a passport on the body which was also in a bad condition but it was possible to read that the man was a British national.”

The official said that Mr Reymond’s hands and feet were tied and he had suffered a number of injuries including numerous cigarette burns.

A murder investigation has now been launched as detectives await the results of a post mortem examination.

Police said Reymond appeared to have died of head injuries. ‘It appears that he was hit in the head with a heavy and blunt object,’ a police source told The Indian Express.

“His body was then stuffed into the plastic bag. It also appears that he was stubbed by a cigarette or his skin burnt with a lighter. Nothing is, however, clear as the post-mortem report is not out. The exact cause and time of death will be clear once the report is out.”

He added that it appeared Mr Reymond was a tourist staying at one of the many guest houses in the area and had apparently visited Chennai, Mumbai and Goa before coming to Delhi.



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