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#Hearing: Conflicting harassment claims about pioneering surgeon Dr Mohammad Ali Jawad

A world-renowned British Pakistani plastic surgeon molested a patient at his clinic in London’s exclusive Harley Street after plying her with vodka and asking her to dance, a medical tribunal heard on Thursday.

Dr Mohammad Ali Jawad was featured in Sharmeen Obaid Chinoy’s Oscar-winning 2012 documentary ‘Saving Face’ which followed Dr Jawad as he treated victims of acid attacks in his native Pakistan.

The 56-year-old surgeon is accused of medical misconduct over allegations made by a Polish woman who visited his ‘Nip n’ Tuck’ surgery for a consultation in October 2012. 

The victim was reportedly seeking advice for treatment for facial scars.

She told Dr Jawad’s misconduct hearing in Manchester today that he had “downed a bottle of vodka” which she had taken to him as a “gift” before asking her to dance.

The hearing heard that Dr Jawad touched the woman’s breasts and asked her if she saw him “as a man or a surgeon?”

The victim – who can only be identified as ‘Patient A’ – also alleges that Dr Jawad “dimmed the lights in the consultation room, played music and asked Patient A to dance with him”.

Patient A told the hearing that the pair had been discussing potential procedures for her when Dr Jawad received an email informing him that his next appointment was cancelled.

At that point, Dr Jawad is alleged to have opened the bottle of vodka Patient A had gifted him, gulped down a shot and offered her a glass.

She told the hearing that she had felt “pressured” to share a drink with Dr Jawad.

“I felt intimidated and it was so weird and I was shocked and I felt I had to drink this shot.  I felt pressure. He poured it and said ‘cheers’”, she said.

The hearing was told that Dr Jawad and Patient A had met for consultations on two previous occasions before the incident under investigation in October 2012. 

Patient A said that the pair had “hugged” at previous meetings but said she didn’t feel there was anything “weird” about that. 

“I was thinking he was being friendly”, she said.

However, she said she had felt that “something really bad was going on” when Dr Jawad asked her if she saw him as a man or a surgeon. 

“When he asked me questions like that I thought he was interested in me in a way I wasn’t interested in him”, she told the hearing.

Dr Jawad’s lawyer Imran Khan revealed that Patient had sent a “flirty” email to Dr Jawad prior to their final consultation.

She allegedly wrote: “Dear Dr Jawad. I hope you are well 🙂 I will be in London soon, will you be free to see me? Please let me know what you would like from Poland.  Perhaps something to drink?  We do have good vodkas :)”

It was also revealed that Patient A had initially demanded compensation from Dr Jawad in a civil case which was later dropped after the surgeon accused her of “exaggerating” her claims.

Dr Jawad – best known in Britain for his pioneering treatment of acid attack victim Katie Piper – denies the allegations.



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