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#HighProfile: Narendra Modi to visit UK in November. Wembley awaits.

Modi’s visit to the UK in November has been confirmed

After much haggling and plenty of waiting, Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi will visit the UK in November, according to reports.

Mr Modi was expected to fit Britain into his packed overseas schedule quite early in his premiership but has desisted, primarily due to the UK General Election.

The British Government was also keen to host Mr Modi during the inauguration of the Mahatma Gandhi statue in London in March this year. 

The news of Mr Modi’s impending visit will be warmly welcomed by Britain’s influential Indian Diaspora community who are said to be planning a ‘Madison Square Garden’-like celebration at the slightly less glamorous but equally historic Wembley Stadium.

The last Indian leader to visit the UK was Dr Manmohan Singh in 2006.  With Modi’s confirmed visit in November, UK-India relations are expected to reinvigorate.

The two PM’s are likely to announce the ‘twinning’ of some British and Indian cities, something that Mr Modi is keen on in the context of his “Smart Cities” program.

At present Rajkot is ‘twinned’ with Leicester. 

Mr Modi’s much-hyped effort to clean up the river Ganges is also said to be on the agenda.

According to the sources, Indian foreign secretary S Jaishankar is scheduled to travel to London this month to finalise the details of the visit following which a formal invitation will be extended by the David Cameron government.

The specific dates for Mr Modi’s visit will then be confirmed.



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