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#Honour: ‘PK’ Aamir Khan to address Harvard Business School

India’s first $100 million box office star Aamir Khan is to address the prestigious Harvard Business School.

The 49-year-old actor has reportedly been invited to speak to students about the success of his latest release PK, a religious satire that has shattered all manner of Indian box office records.

Although dates have not been finalized, Khan has accepted the invitation.

The actor plays an alien stranded in rural Rajasthan and who embarks on a frantic search for a transmitter that will help him return to the mothership.

Along the way, the appropriately named ‘PK’, encounters India’s unique relationship with God and religion.

The film caused plenty of controversy for its portrayal the exploitation of ordinary people by so-called ‘God Men’ with demonstrations and attacks on cinemas.

The controversy, coupled with Khan’s enormous popularity, propelled the quirky film to the top of the all-time Bollywood box office standings, raking in just over $100 million around the world – the 3rd time Khan has topped the all-time charts.



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