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#Impassioned: “Don’t de-value what we do”, outraged doctors plead.

Some 20,000 doctors and their families and supporters descended on Central London on Saturday in an angry and loud protest against a new junior doctors’ contract proposed by Health Secretary Jeremy Hunt.

The proposed contract would see regular working hours for junior doctors extended, changing from 7 am to 7 pm Monday to Friday to 7 am to 10 pm Monday to Saturday.

Many young doctors – many sporting premature sprouts of grey – are furious and have threatened strike action in 2016, a move that’s received the backing of NHS consultant’s who have pledged to cover shifts and avoid potential harm to patients.

The strength of feeling on display along Pall Mall and The Strand on Saturday spoke volumes about the sense of injustice felt by arguably some of the most vital members of society – men and women who say they remain underpaid and undervalued, despite the sacrifices they make.

One doctor, cancer expert Dr Gagan Bhatnagar, spoke to the UKAsian and explained the complexities of the contract and just why these life-savers were angry.




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