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#Imposter: Huddersfield man prances through BBC posing as ex-Pakistani Test batsman

Days after the BBC was criticized for touting a Liverpool-born actress who appears in south Indian cinema as a “Bollywood Superstar”, the Corporation is defending itself against another embarrassing editorial oversight.

The Beeb was forced to apologize on Saturday after an impostor waltzed through multiple BBC channels posing as a former Pakistani cricketer.

Nadeem Alam, a British-Pakistani league cricketer from Huddersfield, pretended to be former Pakistani batsman Nadeem Abbasi and appeared as a World Cup pundit on BBC World News, BBC Asian Network and Radio Five Live.

Mr Abbasi, who played three Test matches for Pakistan in 1989, has slammed the BBC for not checking its facts.

He told the Sun newspaper: “If I ever find Nadeem Alam, I will punch him in the face for damaging the country’s reputation.”

“The BBC is a big institution and surely they must check?”, Mr Abbasi questioned.

He added his only media appearance was on Pakistani television during the World Cup in 1996.

A BBC spokesman apologized for the incident and said the corporation would be looking “seriously” into how it happened.

Mr Alam meanwhile has promised an end to his days as a pundit.

His appearance comes just days after Liverpudlian actress Amy Jackson – who has appeared in a number of successful Telugu and Tamil-language films – was featured on several of BBC channels and touted as an unlikely ‘Bollywood Superstar’, a factual error that Ms Jackson too was happy to maintain.



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