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Indian minister Sushma Swaraj inundated with offers for a…kidney.


Hundreds of people have offered up their own kidneys to India’s foreign minister Sushma Swaraj after she was hospitalized in Delhi with kidney failure.

Mrs Swaraj, 64, was admitted to the All India Institute of Medical Sciences on Wednesday and is awaiting kidney transplant.

While some of her six million Twitter followers expressed their best wishes to the Minister, others offered up their kidneys with some tweeting their blood type and contact details.

Mrs Swaraj is one of the most popular figures in the Narendra Modi government, often getting personally involved with Indians in distress overseas.

Most recently, she responded to a call by a UK-based women’s group – Indian Ladies in the UK – to help a woman abandoned in Delhi by her British-Indian husband, taking to her Twitter account to demand the passport authority of India to organize the necessary travel documents to return to the UK.

The response from her army of families has moved Mrs Swaraj.

“My heartfelt thanks for your kind words and good wishes.  Some friends have also offered their kidneys for my transplant. I have no words to express my deep sense of gratitude towards them.  With your good wishes and Lord Krishna’s blessings, I will be able to come out of this situation”, she said on Friday.



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