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#JACKPOT!: Sikh storyteller wins top prize on Deal Or No Deal; outshines Noel Edmonds’ beard

A Sikh guru from Leeds has become just the seventh person to win the £250,000 top prize in the Channel 4 game show ‘Deal or No Deal’.

The 54-year-old didn’t flinch until the very end, opening the right box and becoming a quarter millionaire.  His remaining four boxes consisted of just £5, £100, £500 and £1000.

Speaking after becoming the second man to ever win the prize, Mr Singh said he was spurred on by an unusual request by his daughter.

“The night before my game my daughter quite innocently said, ‘Dad, I want confetti’.  When I was offered £46k all I could think of was, ‘Dad, I want confetti’ and I said, ‘No Deal’.

“I still cannot fully remember what happened next but I do remember the confetti and everyone hugging and congratulating me.”

In the first five rounds, the Banker’s highest offer was £10,000, and Singh later turned down an offer to walk away with £46,000.

The final two boxes were the jackpot and £500, with host Noel Edmonds revealing that Roop had won the grand prize.

He was then offered the chance to select an additional box that could have enabled him to double his winnings, claim an additional £10,000, get his money back, halve his winnings or win nothing.

However, his family convinced him to leave the boxes alone, perhaps content that his magnificent white beard comfortably overshadowed Noel Edmonds’.

Singh has reportedly lavished presents on his friends and family but bought himself a bicycle and plans to cycle around the coast of Britain in the summer.  He has also pledged money to Sikh several charities.



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