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Just 14 weeks in jail for Bangladeshi man who “married off” 14-year-old daughter

A Bangladeshi has been jailed for forcing his 14-year-old daughter to marry a 30-year-old man.

Manchester Crown Court heard how the girl was woken on the day she turned 14 and forced to participate in the marriage ceremony at the family home in Longsight, Manchester.

The victim told the court that she did not understand what was happening during the ceremony as the Imam was speaking in Bengali.

Soon after the “ceremony” in 2013, she said she was taken upstairs and sexually assaulted by her new “husband” who is thought to have fled to Bangladesh.

The case only came to light when the girl ran away from home and went to the police, according to the Manchester Evening News.

Her father, who was in Bangladesh at the time she ran away, returned home immediately and surrendered but initially tried to tell police that the ceremony was a “birthday party” and she had received a “blessing” from the Imam.

Judge Patrick Field QC said the father had betrayed his daughter and jailed him for 14 weeks.

The judge said the relatively lenient sentence was because the father had believed there would not be any physical or sexual contact between the girl and her husband before she turned 18.



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