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#Kaleidoscope: BAME MP’s and peers celebrate record year for minorities in parliament

A record number of Black and Minority Ethnic (BME) MP’s were elected to parliament at the May General Election.

On Wednesday all of those MP’s dispensed with their party political battles and – together with BME Members of the House of Lords posed for a picture outside the Palace of Westminster in a bid to show off the ever-widening levels of inclusivity in the Commons and the running of Great Britain.

The photograph will be the front cover for the ‘Rainbow Book’, which documents every minority-ethnic MP, MEP or Peer ever elected or appointed to Parliament.

The book is edited by Keith Vaz, the MP for Leicester East, and arguably the very epitome of minority success in the UK.

“The progress in improving the level of minority representation in the Houses of Parliament has been remarkable during the 28 years in which I have been an MP”, Mr Vaz said.

“When I, Bernie Grant, Diane Abbott and Paul Boateng were elected in 1987, we alone represented the minority representation in the House of Commons. Today, we have a record 41 Members of Parliament from minority backgrounds.  We can be so proud of this achievement.

“Of course, there is still more work to be done, but this photograph will immortalise the victory of progression over the past, and the modern face of British politics”, he added.



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