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Lankan Doc who filmed women’s skirts in Trafalgar Sq, banned from practising

A Sri Lankan doctor arrested for secretly filming women’s skirts and shorts with his iPhone, has been suspended from practising.

Dr Thilanga Iddamalgoda, 32, was arrested in Trafalgar Square by a plain-clothed policewoman who became suspicious of Iddamalgoda’s behaviour, according to the Daily Mail.

When the footage was viewed, PC Anderson discovered that she had been one of the victims of his filming.

Dr Iddamalgoda reportedly used the phone to capture videos of women’s “thighs and groin areas” as he sat near Nelson’s Column in the Square last August.

The Medical Practitioners Tribunal Service in Manchester on Wednesday suspended Dr Iddamalgoda for 12 months.

A Tribunal spokesman told the Mail: ‘The offence was serious in nature and his conduct was sexually motivated. Such behaviour is unbefitting of a doctor.

The hearing was told that Dr Iddamalgoda sat on the steps of the packed square, outside the National Gallery, where he was surrounded by women dressed for the sunny weather in vest tops, skirts and shorts.

The doctor, who is reportedly pursuing research into heart conditions at Imperial College London, later accepted a police caution for outraging public decency.
In evidence to the Tribunal, PC Tiffany Anderson, said he had first noticed the doctor sitting on the steps of the National Gallery in the afternoon of August 19th.
PC Anderson said: ‘There was a woman with a very short skirt on. His movement to me seemed unusual – it wasn’t particularly getting out of anyone’s way or moving from the sun into the shade or shade into the sun.
‘He was also shielding his phone. He couldn’t have been shielding it from the sun because there was a lot of shading. He was shielding the screen very closely, so he didn’t want people to see. He didn’t appear to be reading a text message.
‘He appeared to have his phone to his right, it appeared to be in the direction of the lady in the short skirt.
‘He was sitting two steps in front of me. I caught a glimpse (of his phone) and it was on camera video.’
His next target to catch his eye was a woman wearing another short outfit.
She said: ‘She was wearing multi-coloured baggy shorts or skirt, and had walked up the steps. His hands moved around his body – he was changing his phone around as she approached.’
Dr Iddamalgoda who qualified at University of Aberdeen in 2005 then positioned himself on the lower level of the steps to capture more women on camera – and that is when PC Anderson, who was in plain clothes, alerted her fellow officers of her suspicions.
Dr Iddamalgoda was not at the misconduct hearing.



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