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#LondonCalling: VisitBritain launches “BOLLYWOOD IN BRITAIN” app to lure B-Town fans to UK

Britain’s biggest tourism promotion body has launched a mobile app aimed specifically at fans of Bollywood as the government continues its efforts to encourage India’s burgeoning middle-classes to come spend their money in the UK. 

Theresa May notwithstanding.

VisitBritain’s ‘Bollywood in Britain Destination Movie Map’ will help users find destinations around the British Isles used as locations for Bollywood films.

Among the notable locations are a plethora of places in London of course, as well as lesser known destinations in Wales and Scotland including ancient castles and charming little rural villages.

The app was launched a star-studded even in Mumbai on Thursday attended by Pamela Chopra, Kangana Ranaut and Abhay Deol, a well-known anglophile and boyfriend of Middlesbrough-born model and actress Preeti Desai. 

Ms Chopra, widow of the late great Yash Chopra, said: “Yashji absolutely adored Britain… He always used to say that beautiful locations inspire beautiful heartfelt stories and Britain was one such place for him… We are deeply touched.”

VisitBritain predicts that by 2016, Britain will welcome nearly 425,000 visits from India – a 25% rise from 2012.

Joss Croft, Marketing Director, VisitBritain said: “Bollywood and Britain have shared a long and enriching relationship. We have always been a popular destination with Indian film makers and audiences alike, and Bollywood has narrated many tales with Britain as its colorful backdrop – exploring the lives and times of Indians residing and visiting the country”.

He added: “India has a digitally savvy, young population, with one of the highest internet usage and smartphone penetrations in the world. This unique App will act as one of the best channels to engage and interact with potential visitors, providing an extra incentive for moviegoers to visit Britain and relive some of their favourite cine moments.”



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