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#Ludicrous: So this politician thinks Sunny Leone is responsible for rapes in India.

An Indian politician has apologized after bizarrely claiming that an advert for condoms by sultry actress Sunny Leone was responsible for the rising number of rapes in India.

Atul Anjan, a senior member of the Communist Party of India (CPI) told a gathering in north India, “this woman called Sunny Leone, who hails from Australia has been made a heroine by director Mahesh Bhatt”,  which is factually incorrect on account of the fact that Leone was born and raised in Canada and because she had made a name for herself as a successful porn star before arriving in Bollywood.

Anjan also claimed that he had only recently watched a porn movie – after never having done so before – only to “vomit” two minutes into the film. 

He also claimed that the language used in the advertisement – for Manforce condoms – was “vulgar”.

He later apologized to “supporters of porn and Sunny Leone” but insisted that he “doesn’t stand” for “vulgar” advertisements”.

Anjan’s comments followed remarks by Pramod Muthalik, a leader of the hardline Hindu group Sri Rama Sene (‘Army of Lord Rama’) who said that Leone should be deported back to America as her porn videos are responsible for “promoting rapes and molestation”.

Both leaders’ comments were greeted by loud cheers by their respective audiences.

This is probably what Sunny Leone thinks about Atul Anjan.

Critics say that Ms Leone is an easy target because she is a woman “confident in her sexuality”.

The comments by Muthalik and Anjan are the latest sign that misogyny is alive and well among Indian politicians.

Last month Indian Socialist Party Mulayam Singh Yadav said about rape: “Boys will be boys.  They commit mistakes.  Will they be hanged for rape?”




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