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Majority of Britons would support anti-immigration party

A majority of British people would oppose a political party that encouraged multiculturalism and support one that pledged to reduce immigration, according to a new survey cited by The Observer.

The study, conducted by YouGov on behalf of the Extremis Project which monitors extremism in Britain, found that 41% of people would support a party that took an anti-immigration stance.  

37% of the 1750 people surveyed also said they would vote for a party that promised to reduce the number of Muslims in Britain and the presence of Islam in society.

Despite London 2012 being heralded as a celebration of multiculturalism, the research suggests much of the electorate remains open to views traditionally associated with far-right groups.

Matthew Goodwin of the Extremis Project told The Observer: “The results clearly point towards enduring public anxieties over the performance of mainstream political and business elites, immigration and also the role of Muslims and Islam in society.”

In Europe, far-right parties have gained an increasing foothold, with Marine le Pen’s National Front recently polling 6.5 million votes and a poll in Greece indicating that support for the neo-Nazi Golden Dawn has grown to 10.5%, up from 7% at the last election.

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