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#Member: Khemu’s latest stretches logic to limit but with tongue-in-cheek.

Bollywood has long stretched credulity and logic to the very limit, frustratingly maintaining a straight face all the while.

Now a new film is tipping credulity right over the edge – thankfully however, the filmmakers have tongue firmly in cheek.

The unashamedly-named ‘Guddu Ki Gun’ stars Kunal Khemu as a “Bihari Player” – now there’s an oxymoron if ever there was one – who sells detergent door-to-door and gets frisky with bored housewives. 

Whilst everyone – most noticeably Khem’s Guddu – is relatively content with the status quo, Guddu’s God is not.

Enraged by his flippant behaviour, God turns Guddu’s, erm, member into solid gold. 

Cue plenty of – what is hopefully – good laughs with a myriad array of characters in pursuit of the man with the . 

Whilst the plot is even more ludicrous than the average Shah Rukh Khan movie, there’s plenty going for the film that makes the whole premise intriguing.  The film is written and directed by Shantanu Ray Chhibber who also wrote the dark and disturbing ‘Table No. 21’. 

What’s more, the desirable Khemu has good form when it comes to whacky films – anyone who watched the hilarious ‘Go Goa Gone’ would attest to that.

Ultimately we’ll just have to wait until ‘Guddu Ki Gun’ is erected in cinemas 30 October.




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