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#Memorial: Maharashtra Govt pays £3.1 million for Ambedkar’s London home

The government of Maharashtra has paid £3.1 million to acquire the London home of Indian independence icon Dr B R Ambedkar.

State government minister Raj Kumar Badole exchanged contracts for the house on King Henry’s Road in Chalk Farm, Northwest London on Thursday.

Dr Ambedkar, renowned for campaigning on behalf of India’s so-called “untouchables” community as well as for his role in drawing up India’s Constitution, is said to have lived at the house when he was a student in London in the early 1920’s.

The three-story terrace will now be converted into an international memorial.

Dr Ambedkar first studied economics at Columbia University in New York before travelling to London in 1916 to pursue a Doctor of Science at the London School of Economics whilst also studying for the Bar at London’s Gray’s Inn.

A year later he was forced to abandon his studies and return to Indian due a lack of funds but was invited back to the LSE where he took a master’s degree in 1921 and his Doctor of Science in Economics in 1923.



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